This is how I update my blog
(picture by bikelinski)

Hi everyone, I’m Basile.  Welcome to my blog !

I’m twenty-six years old, from France and Switzerland. One thing i need to clarify : I’m not a professional biker. Actually, the biggest bike trip I had done before was a four hour bike trip with my dad when i was twelve. So why did I embark on such a ridiculously long adventure?

I always knew i wanted to spend some years in China. About a year ago, I watched some videos of some people crossing Russia by bicycle.  “Neh, not for me”, I first thought. “That’s crazy. Way out there”.

But then it dawned upon me: The world is out there. Full with its rich history, its undiscovered mysteries, its loving people. I could spend the rest of my life in a bubble of expectations. Or I can take a leap of faith and discover the unexpected, the disillusioning, the marvelous.

After I finished my studies in Robotics in Zürich, and after having worked a few months in a tech start-up, I decided to listen to my inner voice. So instead of taking the plane, I decided to bike from Paris, my hometown, to Hong Kong.