Welcome to the story of my world trip. I have started cycling from Paris in April 2017 and arrived in Hong Kong in August 2018. The journey has lasted 18’077 km, 16 months and 4 days.

I will keep updating the pictures and lessons learned in 2019. I also plan to release a documentary movie about this sometime soon. Stay tuned =)


Interview : A Transformative 16 Month Cycling Adventure

Hi everyone 🙂 Thought it’s time to check in again… I am still here, and alive, the adventure continues ! I have recently been featured in an interview with Hive life about my journey, you can check it out here : Basile Verhulst: A Transformative 16 Month Cycling Adventure Thanks for Hive Life for compiling the interview ! Basile   … Read More

What I have learned cycling from France to China

AS I take a step back to reflect on the what I learned from my bicycle trip, I realize that it is difficult to distill such a vast learning experience into a single page. The journey has affected me in almost every possible way.  What I learned remains mostly unconscious. Before I started my journey, I felt my life surrounded … Read More

What’s next?

Dear everyone, Now that the journey is completed, I am starting a new phase of my life. My goal has always been to start a company once I arrive in China, and really immerse myself in the culture there. First, I’d like to announce that I co-founded a Blockchain engineering company based in Hong Kong called Blockdynamics (Website here). Second, … Read More

Why having a Plan can Mess Us Up

I arrived in at my destination in Hong Kong over a month ago now, and I thought it’s time to start sharing some of the insights I got when crossing the world on a saddle. So I thought i’d make one a blog post about it, but then I realized I have so many things to say that this would end … Read More

Finally… At Destination!

It’s DONE! I Arrived at the border with Hong Kong! After 16 months and 4 days, 18077 kilometers and 24 countries… It’s hard to describe how I feel right now. The end has suddenly come so fast. My entire soul is being carried away by melancholy. I wish this was not over, that I could live everything again. I close … Read More

I made it to China!

I just crossed the border at the Mohan Port from Laos into China ! After 15 months of riding the cycle, I finally arrive at the land of destination! I have a hard time wrapping my head around what just happened. I’ve been looking forward to this moment literally since the last two years. The transition has been gradual. From … Read More