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Dear readers,

I am so glad to have you follow my blog. I love the idea of sharing my experience with you through the immense distance that separates us. I would like to foster some kind of dialog, to make it feel less like I am writing to an invisible audience. What would like to know? Do you have any questions to me?

I’ll answer the obvious questions below. Please feel free to ask me personal questions, too. The interesting part about this bicycle trip is not necessarily in the logistics. Though I’ll answer a few of those here:

Where are you ?

I am currently in Myanmar (See Itinerary) in North East India. I just attempted to cross the border between Inda and Myanmar, but this did not work. So I shipped my bicycle to Myanmar and took myself the plane!

What is your next itinerary ?

I plan to cycle through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China via Kunming and then to Hong Kong.

When do you think you’ll arrive at your destination?

I’ll probably arrive in Hong Kong around End of August or beginning of September.

How do you feel right now?

It’s extremely warm right now, so it’s getting tedious to bike. For the first time, i’m happy when there are rain clouds ahead. But the culture and people of Myanmar clearly make up for that physical strain. I’m really thrilled about getting closer to China. Since this trip has always been about exploring cultures, i got all hands full understanding the enormous culture gap between India and Myanmar i just experienced. I also feel like I am getting to the last leg of this bicycle trip – which creates both excitement and melancholy.

Feel free to post your questions in the comment sections below. Check out my Q&A Page too, before you do =)

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  • Quel courage Basil! Je suis reellement admiratif. Quel enrichissement pour toi ce periple qui va à n en pas douter changer ta vision du monde. Bonne continuation.

  • Thanks for sharing your journey. I realize I’m a little late, but I was wondering if you could give some details on the differences between countries when it came to bike safety and how you dealt with it.

    • The bicycle trip overall was relatively safe. I would recommend wearing a bike helmet which addresses the number one risk. Then, Pakistan will be a bit trickier but not impossible if you do it carefully. Regardless of the place, it is harder as a woman, i recommend to have a male friend. Many couples travel through all those countries without any problem. Besides, always listen to your gut. If it feels dangerous, don’t do it. Ask other people around.

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