Video: From Albania To Greece

Yes, this was some time ago, but i recently started producing those videos again (It takes SO much time), but i’m determined to show you the whole trip on youtube ! So better late than never ! Here we go:)

Italy Videos

I have taken the resolution to catch up with my video content. The stuff is just too good to be just sitting around on my hard drive. Working on those videos has made appreciate how much work goes into the YouTube videos that we consume : First, collect the footage. Then, stitch it all together in a coherent way (I’m … Read More

Video: Freibourg, the Black Forest and Rhine Falls

Here my video featuring my bicycle trip through Germany and Switzerland. My bike trail took me through: Freiburg, Germany The Black Forest, Germany The Rhine Falls, Swizterland PS: Yes, I know. I’m clearly lagging behing in the videos. I’m doing my best ok? 😛

DAY -1 : My complete gear list

Here is my packing list for the trip : The breakdown is the following : – 13.9 kg for the bike (Surly Disc Trucker) – 18.6 kg for all my clothes, gear water and food supply I think I’m ready for the D-day tomorrow !!