My planned route

That’s the plan. It is not set in stone and is subject to many variables such as visas, time and money.

Each dot represents a important city or checkpoint. Of course I will stop on many other places in between. If you see yourself on my route, let me know!

I plan to start my journey in Paris on Tuesday, April 11th at 10AM at the Arc de Triomphe.

PS: The image is drawn from this interactive map.

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  • Hi! I do not know you, but I know your sister. When will you be in Croatia? 🙂 If you need some tips on the country let me know! Be careful while biking there…narrow and windy roads along the coast, but very beautiful. If you stop in town of Vodice, let me know 🙂

  • Hey Basile.. we met in Pisa.. my hubby n son tried to click the shot of the front wheel of ur bike touching the Pisa Tower.. that u were hoping for.. post some pics of those..
    nice blog..
    all the best👍
    have a safe journey.. let us know when u visit India..

  • In 2 Wochen wäre ich in Folonica Camping Puntala.
    Aber du bist bis dann bestimmt schon weiter….
    Gute Fahrt.


  • Hi. I am planning this very trip and found your page. Thanks for making such a cool page and writings. I see at the start you went from France to Switzerland. Is there no flatter way across Europe? Or do you not feel the hills eventually? Also, would it not be easier to go through Russia so that there are less VISAs to obtain? Or would it be too cold? Thanks 😁

    • Yes, you can go through flatter lands, I went through CH because I’m swiss 🙂
      And yes, Russia might be easier visa-wise, but more uniform culturally;) Happy to answer any more questions you might have through instagram : @basileslife ! Good luck on your journey !

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