Who could have predicted that?

This Saturday the most unexpected thing happened to me. I was on my own contemplating a XI century monastery in Ohrid, Macedonia. I pulled my camera and looked through the lens to immortalize the brick and stone building, when I heard a very familiar voice behind me.

And here we go, a whole GROUP of ancient friends happen to pass right by ! In fact they are part of the IAESTE community (An international student association for internship exchanges) which I joined in Zurich a few years ago. I had spent time with those amazing people in Istanbul, the Netherlands and Ireland! And now we meet by pure accident in the most unexpected town in the european Balkans.

I thought this trip is going to show me how big the world is, but, then this happens, and it suddenly becomes a lot smaller. Here’s to most unexpected coincidences !!!!

By the way, IAESTE is awesome. If you look for an internship abroad, check them out: www.iaeste.org

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