Pictures from Italy

I just uploaded the gallery of pictures from Italy (FOLLOW LINK HERE) ! The cities I visited were : Monza, Milano, Bergamo, Lake Iseo, Brescia, Cremona, Parma, Solignano, La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Trieste. Note that I didn’t add much pictures from Rome because I went there by train, and it was a bit outside of the spirit … Read More

The Balkans : hardship is next door

The first real change in my trip happened when I crossed from Croatia to Bosnia. It was the first Muslim country since I left Paris. The minarets and the chanting prayer of the muezzin made me realize that I’ve entered a place whose religion and culture I don’t understand. The next abrupt change came as I passed the border from … Read More

Alone in Pellumba Cave

  On my way from Tirana to Pogradec in central Albania, I heard about a cave in Pellumba. It was a 40 mins hike off the road, so I decided to venture out and explore the place. It was 11AM when I left my bike and started following a stony path into the mountains. The sun dried the ground out … Read More

Who could have predicted that?

This Saturday the most unexpected thing happened to me. I was on my own contemplating a XI century monastery in Ohrid, Macedonia. I pulled my camera and looked through the lens to immortalize the brick and stone building, when I heard a very familiar voice behind me. And here we go, a whole GROUP of ancient friends happen to pass … Read More

A long due update.

Dear friends, I have yet to document most of my trip. I am excited to bring up some updates of my discoveries in Europe. For now, let me share this map with you: In a nutshell, after i crossed the Swiss Alps, I biked towards the Mediterranean coast and Pisa. I then took a train to the Italian capital to … Read More

Beerroteca sends me off to Shanghai

When I arrived in Parma on sunday, I was received by my ex-roomies Alex and Tito. They introduced me to their friends of the Beerroteca. This light-hearted group of people felt like family on the second day =) I also had my first beer in weeks, which was heavenly good. They gave me the mission of bringing the panel Beerroteca.. … Read More

Departure from Paris, 11th of April

Rested, ready, and nervous i mounted my bike and looked at the gleaming sky. The goodbyes passed too quickly.  It felt like stepping in a river whose stream takes possession of your body and of your destiny. At 11.05 I released my last foothold and let it take me. That morning will always stay in my memory.

DAY -1 : My complete gear list

Here is my packing list for the trip : The breakdown is the following : – 13.9 kg for the bike (Surly Disc Trucker) – 18.6 kg for all my clothes, gear water and food supply I think I’m ready for the D-day tomorrow !!