Almost in China !

I am finally entering Thailand and Laos, the last few hundred kilometres before the border of China. Every day now I can feel myself getting closer to the Land of my Destination. It’s hard to describe that feeling, I get flashbacks of my entire one-year journey as I’m approaching it. I still don’t know what’s ahead, but definetly feeling a strong rising suspense! Come back soon for more news:)

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  • glad that you have made it to Yunnan China… saw your last Instagram update in front of the Chinese border gate.
    hope you know that you need VPN here to access to some part of the internet. Your website is definitely accessible without one.
    Wifi should be available at any business, like guesthouse and restaurant…
    but not sure if it will be at ease to get a sim card without a local ID…
    feel free to let me know if you need any help
    wish you all well


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