I made it to China!

I just crossed the border at the Mohan Port from Laos into China ! After 15 months of riding the cycle, I finally arrive at the land of destination! I have a hard time wrapping my head around what just happened. I’ve been looking forward to this moment literally since the last two years.

The transition has been gradual. From the first Chinese signs I saw in Pakistan, to my first meal with chopsticks back in Myanmar, I have felt the Chinese influence become stronger as I moved East. Having now arrived in the Mainland, I finally get to know the heart of the culture. I’ll send you pictures and stories from China as I discover it in the coming months.

Indeed the trip is not over yet! I still have to cycle to the East Coast. After all, my whole trip was about cycling from my previous home in Paris to the place of a new life chapter. It’s in the areas of Shenzhen – Shanghai – Beijing that lies China’s thriving tech industry. It’s in the East coast that I will find the most opportunities for startups and engineering – so that’s where I’m heading.

But will China be a place that I can call home? Will I assimilate to the culture and people enough not to be alienated ? Will I find a new lifestyle here without losing touch with my roots and character? That’s what I’m about to find out. A completely new set of challenges awaits me – starting with a mountain of foreign characters I have to learn. In many ways, this new chapter might be even more challenging than the previous one. I don’t know what will come out of it, and it what ways I will fail and succeed. But one thing’s for sure: it will not be boring. I can’t wait to see what the last 1800km of this trip and first pages of this life episode look like.

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  • Richtig richtig geili Sach! E huere Inspiration bisch! *_* Und ich ha soooo vill Frage (wo’d vrmtl scho 100 mal beantworted hesch), wie: Wie machsches mit Wasser, hets gnueg? Hesch scho mal grösseri Reperature in the middle of nowhere müesse mache? Was isch s längste, wo’d je usserhalb jeglicher Zivilisation xi bisch? Hets überall Strom, zum dini devices z lade? Wie machsches mitem Mobile Internet? Wie lang isch die längsti Schlecht-Wetter Phase xi?

    Aber zerst mal gratuliere, dassde de Monsun überstande hesch! Halt üs ufem Laufende.

  • oh wart mal, ich xehn grad dassd acho bisch O_O RIESE GRATULATION!!!! Wow, was für e Leistig!

    Erhol di guet, und ganz vill Erfolg mit dim neue Läbensabschnitt!

  • Congratulation!
    You have achieved a remarkable and admirable performance. I am happy for you and will soon embark on a similar journey. You’ve made a journey few have made, and that’s inspiring. I wish you all the best.

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