Beerroteca sends me off to Shanghai

When I arrived in Parma on sunday, I was received by my ex-roomies Alex and Tito. They introduced me to their friends of the Beerroteca. This light-hearted group of people felt like family on the second day =) I also had my first beer in weeks, which was heavenly good. They gave me the mission of bringing the panel Beerroteca.. … Read More

Departure from Paris, 11th of April

Rested, ready, and nervous i mounted my bike and looked at the gleaming sky. The goodbyes passed too quickly.  It felt like stepping in a river whose stream takes possession of your body and of your destiny. At 11.05 I released my last foothold and let it take me. That morning will always stay in my memory.

DAY -1 : My complete gear list

Here is my packing list for the trip : The breakdown is the following : – 13.9 kg for the bike (Surly Disc Trucker) – 18.6 kg for all my clothes, gear water and food supply I think I’m ready for the D-day tomorrow !!

My planned route

That’s the plan. It is not set in stone and is subject to many variables such as visas, time and money. Each dot represents a important city or checkpoint. Of course I will stop on many other places in between. If you see yourself on my route, let me know! I plan to start my journey in Paris on Tuesday, … Read More

A new blog

Welcome to my blog ! Maybe you have met me in person, or you are just a curious wandering soul. In any case, welcome. This is my first time writing, and it will need some time getting used to. I have always been good at keeping things for myself. Maybe this marks the day where Basile opens up to the … Read More

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