A long due update.

Dear friends,
I have yet to document most of my trip. I am excited to bring up some updates of my discoveries in Europe. For now, let me share this map with you:

In a nutshell, after i crossed the Swiss Alps, I biked towards the Mediterranean coast and Pisa. I then took a train to the Italian capital to explore the fascinating remnants of Ancient Rome. The train then took me from Rome to Venice, and from Venice to Croatia. There, a woman called Valerie that I love and admire joined me in the trip. She left me 3 days ago, and i am now continuing my journey in Europe. I know what you think : What! You didn’t bike all of it?  Rest assured, i plan to pedal 95% of the total distance to China. But I’m more a pragmatic than a purist, and not everyone likes to bike and sleep in the dust for 2 weeks. Today I’m in Montenegro, and my butt is back on the saddle.

So far for the overview. More to come in subsequent posts! I still feel I am in the beginning of the trip… I don’t want it to end.

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