A broader situation update.

I have left my home with the bike 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve crossed a total of 14 countries over 5500km. I’ve been biking around 4 months and had longer stays in Istanbul, Tirana, Zurich and Baku in between. Needless to say, this trip is beautiful and life-changing beyond words.

My health is fine and the gear is holding up. After a delay to get the necessary visas, I am now ready to ride deeper into Asia. My initial plan was to follow the route into all the Stans, and to enter China via Noth-West. However I had to change it after I realized that I’ll probably freeze my ass onto my saddle if I bike through the Pamir mountains in winter. So I planned to bike through India / South Asia instead. This was no light decision, as it will significantly alter the character of my trip. But I feel there’s a lot of things to see and learn from these densely populated regions.

Upcoming countries are Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and then hopefully China. My new destination is Hong Kong – I hope to reach it by May next year. So yeah, things are getting exotic down the road. I’ll keep you guys posted about the adventure. Wish me luck! (yes, safety number 1!)

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